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Aries and Leo in Bed Compatibility: What’s This Like

After publishing these three articles:  Aries and Aries Friendship: Can They Get Along?, Aries and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility: What’s This Friendship Like?, and How to Attract an Aries Man Sexually? , we received many emails from our readers asking us to cover Aries and Leo in Bed Compatibility, and here, we have it.

A full detailed article that looking looks at the personality traits for each star sign, their sexual compatibilities and areas where these signs differ.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get it…

Aries and Leo in Bed Compatibility: What's This Like

Aries and Leo in Bed Match

If ever there were a match made in the stars, this combination would be it! Both being fire signs, this match is hot in the sack! And why wouldn’t they be? They are, after all both fire signs.

Aries and Leo Personality traits alone show why this combination works.

Aires Personality traits include:

  •   Bold
  •   Self-assured
  •   Direct
  •   Adventurous
  •   Easily Bored
  •   Extroverted
  •   Assertive

Leo Personality traits include:

  •   Dramatic
  •   Unabashedly honest
  •   Protective
  •   Generous
  •   Stubborn
  •   Extroverted
  •   Egotistical


Aires: A Born Leader

Aires men and women love to take charge in all areas of life; the bedroom being no exception. Those born under the Aires sign are very adventurous and passionate. They are adrenaline junkies born for pushing boundaries. A very flirtation sign born under in the spring when the ground becomes fertile again for the year, it’s easy to see how sex is exciting and quite natural to this sign.

While Aires can be a wild ride in bed, they are also a bit impulsive and arrogant. Their ideal mate needs to be able to stand their ground or these fiery men and women will steamroll right over them. It’s easy for those born under this sign to grow bored with a relationship unless it stays fresh and interesting.

The very impulsive nature of Aires stems from the positioning of the sign itself. Aires coincides with the beginning of spring, the season of new life. It’s no surprise that with this sign’s positioning it is associated with adventurous individuals. This sign is also ruled by the planet Mars, the fiery red planet in our solar system. Aires are often full of energy and enjoy being active and stimulated by their surroundings.

Aires is also very much free spirits. The jump before looking down to see how far the drop off the cliff will take them. This need for freedom to do as they please can be seen as selfishness. When properly reigned in, the spirit of the Aires is awe-inspiring. An Aires has the potential to find him or herself in some precarious situations due to their free-spirited nature. Leo’s protective nature is the perfect complimentary trait to Aires’ tendency to fun a bit wild.


Leo: Loyal and fierce as a Lion

When you are in the inner circle of a Leo, you know it. This loyal sign will stick by a mate until given a reason to bail. Leos are very in touch with their emotions. They need a partner who will take the time to build a solid relationship, which can be hard to accomplish since Leos keep themselves so active. A partner for this sign will have to stand out in the crowd but not enough to outshine this Sun-ruled sign; a delicate balance that can be hard to master.

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Leos tend to not beat around the bush. They are straight-forward in their lives and social circle. If Leo is attracted to you, you will know it! If not, you will also know that as well. With their pension for the dramatic, large gestures of affection are to be expected. Think of the big love declarations in romantic movies. A Leo would love this type of attention! Especially if it gathers a crowd since those born under the sign enjoy being the center of attention. With Aires being so adventurous this pairing will make some incredible memories!


Will Aires and Leo work well together?

This combination will certainly sizzle! Both signs being so energetic and adventurous makes them amazingly sexually compatible. While other signs may be more reserved about trying new positions or locations both signs will be up for it here! Aires will likely be the one to suggest new and fun places to get down and dirty. Every-loyal Leo will be up for the challenge and enjoy every second! New sexual experiences will further cement the natural bond these two fire signs share.

This combination will push each other’s boundaries but in a fun way! They will try so many new things in the bedroom that it could be months before they tire of ravishing each other daily – that is if they ever tire of their bedroom compatibility!

Passion will be felt in every moment of this coupling. Both signs are so strong-willed and have such energy that they will likely spend hours between the sheets. Each time they will be a new adventure trying to top the last. Both will compete to out-do the other which will lead to energetic, passionate adventures.


Aries and Leo are Dominant

Both signs like to be dominant so each will have to adjust to sitting back and letting the other take control a bit. It may be difficult to at first but will lead to some mind-blowing sex! Leos love to show their affection to others and Aires will enjoy every moment of the wild ride! This coupling is a sexual power-couple!

Aires tend to be a bit selfish, especially in bed. In contrast, Leos can get so caught up in pleasing their partner that they will get off by seeing their partner have fun. The sessions between the sheets have the potential to go on for hours with this pairing. Both signs have such an overabundance of energy and love getting caught up in the moment.

Don’t be shy about role play and dressing the part! Leos have a flair for the dramatic and love the spotlight. Aires loves all things fun so a bit of role play will lead to an amazing time for this couple. Don’t be surprised if Leo wants to record the session – they love the spotlight! Aires up-for-anything fun attitude will go right along with this.


Aries and Leo in Bed: Aggression in the Bedroom?

Aries and Leo in Bed compatibility and SexuallY? Go for it! This is the couple who are not afraid to get rough with each other. Neither partner will break or shy away from the aggression of passionate love-making. Smack that behind! Grab each other by the hair and show them what you want! Both Aries and Leo signs will love it. Especially Leo since it shows such passion.


Possible Downfalls in the Aries and Leo in Bed 

Leos are also full of energy at times, however, they are more social than Aires. They like their routines so while Leo may enjoy making his/her rounds at a local bar, Aires may grow bored with the predictability of the routine.

Leos are ruled by the Sun and it shows! They love to be the center of their social circles. Their fierce loyalty can take an ugly turn in the form of possessiveness of a partner. Aires is quite the opposite.

Aires refuses to be possessed by anyone. Possession crushes their free spirit. Communication is key to keep the relationship fresh and moving forward.

Aires is such a natural flirt and Leo loves to be at the center of attention. These adventurous lovebirds need to remember to make time for each other and watch out for perceived infidelity. Leo and Aires both have trust issues so keeping the lines of communication open is key. Social outings together will prove to strengthen the relationship in ways that each party going out alone never can.

With Leo’s tendency to be possessive and Aires free-spirited, often flirtatious personality, some arguments are bound to ensue. For a successful match, Aires needs to remember to expect a bit to jealousy from their Leo partner. The natural flirtatious nature of the Aires is part of what makes them so special, but Aires will need to remember to show Leo who that they are still number one.


Threesome anyone?

Aires’ flirtations may lead to bringing another into the bedroom. Leo may be very jealous at first but will warm to the idea when they realize that it will be an extra set of eyes on them. Another person around to please and watch the egotistical Leo shine in the sack? I think Leo will get over the jealousy! As long as Aires doesn’t get too caught up in the third partner.


Arguments? Who wants that?

Well….honestly this pairing does! The fiery nature of these signs makes for very passionate people. Arguments in a pairing such as this are likely to be settled in the bedroom. With both fire signs being so energetic and adventurous, the best way to settle the score and work out aggression will be with some incredibly memorable make-up sex. In fact, Aires may spark arguments specifically for the make-up sex because it will be so hot!

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