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How to Cast Free Love Spells with a Picture that Work Fast for Real

Are you here to learn How to Cast Effective Free Love Spells with a Picture? If so, then hang on tight as I am going to give the simple love spells casting in step-by-step; you’d be able perform this even if you’re an absolute beginner.

There is a moment is everyone’s life that they would feel so much love in them. However, the painful thing about love is that when it is not given bask, it can get you frustrating. Love is interesting when they are given back in return.

When you are crushing on someone and all you can think about is that person, it can be a bit exciting at first, but when you do not get the love back then there, you would understand what I am trying to say a little bit more in-depth.

Love is a beautiful thing many people use to say, and when you get the love back then you would see the true beauty in love.

At times, we might just have to end up performing a love spell in others to be able to get the one that we love so much. Enchanting someone to love you is not necessarily a bad thing; it all depends on your motives and the type of love spell you decide to use.
Today, I would love to teach you a, Effective Free Love Spells with a Picture you could cast that would ensure you get the one you love loving you back.

In this love spell, I would be teaching you, you would require a picture. There are different types of love spells you can cast. Each requires personal belongings to cast. Casting a love spell with a picture is effective as the picture creates a kind of connection with the person you are casting the spell on.

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Casting The Free Love Spells with a Picture

With the numerous magic love spells that make use of pictures and are out there today, including the voodoo rituals have been one of the dominating love spells in the world today.

The main ideology of love spells is that they have to be repeated consistently at a particular time. Most people that are involved in casting love spells have always been advised not to discuss the love spell they do try out with anyone.

People who do try out this love spells also have to have it in their mind that they have to believe completely that the love spell would work for them.

Some of the ingredients that are needed to cast the love spell that requires a picture,


  • Picture of the one you want to enchant
  • Red candle

The process of carrying out this love spell with a picture is quite simple and short.

  • To start, start with the picture of your crush or the one you want to enchant and light up a red candle. But why the red candle? You are to make use of the red candle because when it comes to the issue of love, binding and so on, the red candle is just the right candle that you need.
  • Now, after that you must have lit the candle, what you have to do net is to sit back and relax.
  • Then you just simply have to believe in mind that this spell would work for you. So, as you are staring at the picture, with all your heart, as you believe the spell is going to work say the following chant, “I am so obsessed about this man/woman with love, let him/her come running after me with desire! May the love come out of the spirit into him, I love him/her as well as I want him/her so he much, in the same way, feel that he loves and want me.”
  • You would have to say the chant three times, as you still believe with all your heart that the spell is going to work for you.
  • Also, you have to perform this love spell at night just moments before you go to bed to sleep.
  • Actually, this love spell is best done on a Tuesday, as this is the day Mars has its power at its highest.
  • So after everything has been done, just allow the candle to burn completely, and then store the picture you used in a secret place where no one can see it.

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Voodoo Love Spell using pictures

The voodoo love spells using pictures is also another love spell you can cast with a picture. They are quite a very popular love spell too in the world today. Hardly would you and anyone that has not heard about voodoo spells and that the use of a voodoo doll to do some real magic spell.

In other to carry out a voodoo spell, you would require a personal belonging of the person you are trying to enchant. Voodoo spells are quite simple also to cast in other to enchant someone into falling in love with you completely.


  • Picture
  • Handmade voodoo doll
  • Personal belongings

In other to carry out the voodoo love spell using pictures to make your partner or crush fall totally in love with you,

  • First, you would need a personal belonging of the person in other to carry it out.
  • You would also require a picture of the person you are trying to enchant.
  • So after you, most have gotten the picture, then you will also need to get a handmade voodoo doll.
  • Last but not least, the most important ingredient out of all the list of ingredient is the power of the mind.

Your thought is what actually projects the desired effect. Also, another thing you can do in order to get the desired effect you want is to ensure that the voodoo doll that you are going to be making use of is handmade by you. As well as the picture of your crush or partner that you are going to be making use of has to be only of your partner or crush, meaning that no one has to be in the picture save for only your crush or partner.

  • The first step to take in carrying out this voodoo spell is to place the picture right in front of you, as well as the voodoo doll, and the personal belongings of you have of the person you are trying to enchant. The personal belonging can be a hair, a cloth, or anything of the person.
  • So, after you have all these items placed right in front of you, say this chant “I invoke the ghost on these items placed in front of me, create a strong love spell and power then transfer it to my lover’s mind.”
  • After you have said this chant, you are all done. But you have to ensure that as you are saying the chant you have to put your mind to it, as you have to believe with your heart that the chant is going to work.
  • Then you have to keep the items, which you used to cast this love spell in a safe place where no one can see it.
  • Also, ensure you do not disclose the love spell that you have cast with anyone, as this would make the voodoo spell more powerful as well as it would have a greater chance of being successful.

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Love Spell to Make your Lover Feel More Love for You

Last both not the least, I am going to be teaching you one more love spell you can cast in other to help your love life thieve. This love spell I am going to be teaching you now is a very easy and effective love spell you can cast in other to make your love fall more and completely in love with you, such that “if it isn’t you your lover loves, it is you he love”, if you know what I mean.


  • Three red rose
  • Three red candle
  • A picture of your lover

The ingredients above are the ingredients that you would need to cast the love spell, but the main ingredient that you would need is the desire of your heart, as that is the most important ingredient of all the ingredients.

  • It’s best to do this love spell at night just moments before you all asleep, as you have to repeat it as many times as the love spell duration is going to take. Moreover, as the moon becomes fuller and fuller until it eventually gets to its fullest that is how long this love spell is going to take as this is the time that it is believed that the love spell is going to be most effective.
  • Primarily place all the ingredients that you would need in a circle, by placing one rose and one candle then one rose then a candle again and so on in that order to form the circle. Then place the picture in the centre of the circle.
  • Then say this chant three times, “I used the all-powerful love arrow to pierce your heart ‘call the name of your lover’, I invoke a love that would relentlessly create a flood in your heart for me, come to me with obedience without pride as I am full of passion and desire for you.”
  • After you have said the chant three times as you believe with all your heart that the spell is going to work, do not blow out the candle but let it burn completely. You are to perform this love spell for three different nights consecutively, and you are not to use the same items you used in the previous nights. The picture is the only exceptional item that you have to keep using throughout the spell.

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