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10 Most Powerful Free Love Spells that I tried and Work for Real

Love is the number one topic that never has a definitive answer. All over the world, love has the same language. Theories, documentaries, blogs, research, and many others are released each year trying to explain the science or mysteries between the matters of the heart. Regardless, love is a beautiful thing if it’s with the right partner.

People have gone to extreme lengths all because of love. But how much do you know about love spells? Yes, it sounds unusual but doesn’t cross out just yet. You would be surprised how many people have sought this method. I know the main question is does it (do love spells chants) work?

Yes, it works, only if you are doing it the right way without creating any karmic havoc, or breaking someone else’s relationship to get that person, or an unwilling participant. It will backfire on you big time. It is quite a challenge finding the right spell that works you can create your own, or find one. Here are a few spells that you can use with their procedures.

1.     Love affirmation


  • Pink candle or a red candle
  • Pen and paper
  • A copy of the Love Affirmation
  • Incense (Rose, patchouli or amber are especially appropriate.)
  • Flowers: Pink and red roses are traditional of love
  • Dove’s blood ink (no, it’s not made with real doves or with any sort of blood) and a quill pen rather than a normal pen. This ink is traditionally used to draw friendship and love.
  • A drum.
  • Any altar gear you normally use.
  • A small piece of pink quartz.
  • Any items that remind you of love and romance.



  1. Set up your circle, space or altar for casting your spell. Invoke your deity or deities of choice. Take a moment to focus on what it will feel like to be in a loving, mutual relationship, and hold that focus.
  2. Write the Ultimate Love Affirmation down, reading it aloud as you do so. Read it out at least more than two times. Place the affirmation under the candle. Raise energy by singing, dancing, drumming or chanting “I accept love.”Light the candle. Say: “I accept love! May it be so!” (Or “so mote it is,” “amen” or whatever is appropriate to your beliefs.)
  3. Thank the deities. Release your sacred space in your normal manner. Remember to ground yourself. You can allow the candle to burn down in a safe place, and take all normal safety procedures for fire. Never let candles burn unattended.


2.     Attraction love oil bath


Rose scent, can be any of the following

·         Essential Oil of Roses (Rose Otto)

  • Essential Oil of Rose Geranium
  • Rose petal
  • Rose Fragrance (synthetic)
  • Lavender oil
  • Vanilla oil
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Red candles
  • Incense


  1. Prepare your bathtub the way you always do. Add the essential oils and rose petals to the water. Light the red candles and incense and step in the tub, holding the rose oil in your right hand.
  2. Fill how the oils are releasing their energy into the water you are sitting in. Your body is aligning its vibrations to the ones floating in the water. Imagine yourself developing the ability to attract love like a magnet. You have a magnetic aura around your body. Picture how you attract the perfect lover into your life.
  3. After you feel you charged enough, step out of the bathtub and anoint your pulse points with essential rose oil.

Moonlight kiss light charm love spells


  • A piece of rose quartz
  • Small silver bowl
  • A handful of pink or red rose petals
  • Chrystal


  1. This ritual is performed on the night of the new moon (which means there will be no visible moon that night). Give the crystal a kiss, and set it in the bowl. Sprinkle the rose petals over it, and set it in a window for 7 days.
  2. After the week is up, take the crystal and carry it with you to draw romance into your life. Leave the bowl of petals in the window until the next new moon.

Silver ring charm


  • A silver ring that you have never worn before
  • A white cloth
  • A cup of white wine
  • A written spell


  • You need to perform this spell under the light of a full moon, so hopefully, the skies will be clear for you or you should wait for another night.
  • Wrap the ring in the cloth, and bury it underground. Sit quietly and watch the moon as you concentrate on the qualities you are seeking in a new love relationship. Pour the wine over the spot where you burying the ring, and recite the spell you have written
  • Leave the ring for a month, and dig it up on the next full moon. From that day on, wear it every day to attract your true love to you. If you live in an apartment with no access to any “ground”, you can try this spell using a large flower pot filled with earth instead.

Key to Your Heart Spell


  • 3 candles (gold, silver and red)
    • 2 red roses
    • A horseshoe
    • A key
    • A red silk scarf


  • This is a spell for a Friday night (like most love spells). Light all three candles on your altar, and wrap the roses, horseshoe and key in the silk scarf. Pass the bundle through the heat of the candle flames, ideally without it all catching on fire. Put it in your underwear drawer for 2 weeks. Yes, your underwear drawer.
  • After the 2 weeks are up, bury the roses outside and keep the horseshoe and key someplace safe near your bed. They will draw a new love to you within a month.

Attraction Love casting spell

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  • A pink candle
  • Your favorite perfume or essential oil
  • A toothpick


  1. Engrave a heart into the toothpick while visualizing love coming to you
  2. Put the candle under the moonlight
  3. Place the perfume in front of the candle and chant:

“Oshun, bestow upon me the love that I need; let this scent attract (name) to me!”

  1. Allow the candle to burn out completely
  2. Wear the perfume whenever you go outside and repeat the chant for extra potency.

Triple Knot Love Spell


  • A length of red ribbon at least 24 inches long
    • Patchouli oil
    • Ylang ylang oil


  • Put one or two drops of each oil into your palms, and rub them together. Run your fingers along the length of the ribbon to anoint it with oil. You’re going to tie 3 knots in the ribbon, so try to space them out evenly along the length. Say each line of the spell as you tie each of the three knots: With knot of one, my love will come
    With a knot of two, it shall be true
    With a knot of three, so mote it is
  • Loop the knotted ribbon around a bedpost, bedside lamp or the doorknob to your bedroom. Don’t tieit though; you don’t want any extra knots in there.

Herbal Love Box


  • A small lidded box or bowl
    • A piece of quartz (clear or rose)
    • Rose petals
    • Chopped vanilla bean
    • Lavender buds
    • Damiana root
    • A pinch of ground cinnamon
    • A piece of white paper


  1. How much of each herb will kind of depend on how large the box or bowl you have. You’ll need enough of the herb mix to fill the bowl. Feel free to mix up the proportions as you wish, as long as all the ingredients are there.
  2. Mix the flowers and herbs together, and fill the bottom half of the box. Then write 5 qualities you want in a new lover on the piece of paper. They should be personality traits, not physical ones. Fold the paper at least once, to fit into the box. Fill the rest of the box up with the herbs. Nestle the crystal in the herbs right at the top, and close the lid.
  3. Each night, open the box up and take a sniff to remind you of your search for true love.

Return to Me Candle Spell


  • 1 pink, red or white candle
    • Vanilla oil
    • Red yarn or string


  1. Use something sharp to inscribe your initials on the candle (approximately halfway down), and then your loved one’s initials over top yours. Not above, but actually write over the first letters. Then anoint the candle with vanilla oil.
  2. Tie the string around the candle with a bow so that the know lies over where the initials are carved. Light the candle and let it burn until it reaches where the carving is. Blow it out gently, and set it on your altar with the intention of finishing it when your loved one returns. Add a little oil to the initials each day until then.

Fair Feather’s Touch

The light element of air is found in a feather, and it can bring new love with a simple spell.

  • A real feather (small is fine, just not synthetic)
  • A dry spring of rosemary
  • Pink ribbon


Use the ribbon to tie the rosemary to the shaft of the feather, and then hang the charm on your bedroom door handle (on the inside of the room side). Touch it when you go in and out of the room, and a new love will soon be yours.

Quick Love Drawing Spell

This is a very simple love spell that will only take you a few minutes to perform, though a few more days to actually get working for you. It won’t make them love you, but it will get their attention drawn to you.

  • A magazine photo of a rose
  • An envelope and stamp
  • A red marker


  1. On the picture of the rose, write the name of the person you want to attract in big red letters. If you don’t have a specific person in mind, just write “my ideal partner” instead.
  2. Fold it up and put it in the envelope. Address it to yourself, and mail it. The farther you can send it from your house, the wider the influence of the spell will be.
  3. Once you get your letter back, keep it in your bedroom (unopened) until you start to see some attention coming your way.

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