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Should You Tell an Aries Man How You Feel?

When you have feelings for an Aries man, it can be confusing at times especially if you don’t know if it’s mutual. You’ll need to first be sure that he feels the same about you. Watch his actions and how he generally treats you. If he seems
interested, you can flirt with him to let him know that you are interested but do not tell him up straight.

The Aries man is a confident man and likes to be in charge. If he feels like you initiated the relationship he will run for the hills, even if he was interested. He is a traditional man and still believes that he should chase you, seduce you and impress you enough to date you not the other way around. Yes, you’re a modern woman but that BS will not work on him.

If you two have been dating for a while, obviously you want to tell him how you feel but hold that thought. Be patient with him, he might still need to figure out what his feelings for you are. In addition, an Aries man does not know how to hide his feelings. He might not say it verbally but his actions will speak louder.

You’ll notice he is more attentive to your needs; he is touchier than usual, kiss you often, make more time for you, includes you in his plans or even bring you around his close friends. Those are sure signs that this Aries man truly likes you. In this case, it’s safe to tell him how you feel. But I would suggest letting him be the first to talk about it.

How to attract an Aries man through texting or social media

Aries men are attracted to intelligent women with a witty sense of humor. In this case, to win him over, whenever you’re texting him, capture his imagination and intrigue him with your intelligent responses. Talk about things you’ve learned, your goals and dreams, your accomplishments and so on. Things that add you points and make you look goal oriented.

Make sure to include your insane schedules or fascinating books you’re reading to the conversation. He will marvel at your brilliance and will definitely want to get to know you more. Post about all the fun things you’re doing out there as you live in the moment. Let him see you enjoy your life out there.

Don’t forget to flirt a little with him. Make him want you with cute text or selfies. But don’t look desperate or like you’re trying too much to get his attention. Simply show him that you are interested but let him chase you. Let him initiate the conversations and keep your mystery as your secret weapon.


What to do when an Aries man stops calling you

When an Aries man starts ignoring you, you should be worried. But first before you start panicking, you need to revisit his recent behavior or if there were any red flags. If by any chance you notice that his activities are going on, as usual, social media presence or even hanging out with friends as normal, he is ghosting you.

It’s likely that his attention has drifted to something else and he is no longer interested. He will not even bother telling you why but just ignores you. He will not block you because he simply doesn’t care how you feel. It’s not exactly your fault that he is distracted. He might have been seeing another woman for a while and wants to move with her.

The best way to handle this situation is to stop calling him to seek sympathy from him. This man is not sensitive and will tell you plainly that he is no longer interested or he is dating someone else. Maybe that will give you closure but you can take his silence as an answer and move on.


How to impress an Aries man

Being an ambitious guy, he is attracted to women that are competent, feminine and independent. He does not like clingy, immature or childish women. He prefers a woman who can handle her business with elegance, grace and like a badass. Show him you are strong and try out new things. Be a risk taker and he will respect you for it.


What turns off an Aries man?

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The Aries man likes his freedom to do what makes him love life. If by any chance he is dating, he wants his woman to be open, and independent. He is easily turned off by a clingy, cry baby, needy and emotionally unstable woman. This fire sign likes to be in control and making his decisions is non-negotiable. If you try to blackmail him or give him an ultimatum you will lose to him. Trying to pin him down by constant nagging waiting for him to give in, will be an absolute failure on your side. He does not back down from an argument and will push you back.

Also, the Aries man does not like to be criticized harshly or looked down upon. You might mean well or just want to help but he might not take it lightly. When you point out his weaknesses, he will feel attacked personally and will fight back. He will take it that you don’t appreciate him or anything he does and eventually pull back. He’ll stop doing things for you all together as a punishment for not valuing his efforts.


What makes an Aries man not want to commit to you?

Dealing with an Aries man can be bittersweet at times. One minute he is all up in your space being all nice, doing things for you and treating you so well, the next minute he is cold towards you. He could genuinely feel like he is being forced to settle with you. Unfortunately, if that’s the case, he will not want to commit.

On the other hand, you might not be the person he wants to settle with. He might just be there for the short term and does not see a future there. Remember he is a fire sign and impulse behavior is part of him. Booty calls and WYD text will be his usual way of reaching out without any commitments. If you are looking for a lasting relationship, this guy is not your soul mate. Take the random mixed signals as a red flag.


Does the Aries man hide his feelings?

Being an alpha male, processing his feelings can be something that will take time. He might hide his feelings over a long period of time and conceal them even from his closest allies. Showing his vulnerable side does not come easy to him.

He wants to look like he has everything under control, not a hot mess who’s breaking apart from the pressures of life. He would even not mention dating a new lady until he’s sure it’s something serious. This means he is still not sure about the relationship or does not trust her enough.

It might take a while for him to open up to you but when he does; it’s when he’s looking for sane advice and believes that you are smart enough to help him solve them. But for other feelings like anger and joy, you’re likely to know, he is a fire sign and dramatic outbursts are common to this Ram.


How quickly will Aries man show you his feelings?

Every Aries is different from others in their own unique way. He might take is time before letting you know how he feels. However, he is likely to not tell you the actual words but would rather show you. As discussed earlier, he is likely to show you more affection without shying away. He is a physical guy and will not have any problems invading your personal space.

With him, it’s hard to predict how fast he will fall in love with you but he can fall quickly in and out of love. He gets infatuated for a short while then moves along swiftly. You might want to be sure that he is not just in for the moment because he wants or needs something and leave you high and dry.


How to know when an Aries man isn’t interested

An Aries man has no business entertaining a lady he is not interested in. he can be plain cold and avoid her by all means. He is not a sensitive guy and really doesn’t care if she gets hurt by his behavior or not. He likes to play games but only when he is interested. He will be arrogant and rude if you keep trying to reach him.

His honesty is brutal and can push you to your limits. Usually, this is their everyday character with a “don’t care” attitude. But he softens a bit for a lady he is into. So no, he is not giving you mixed signals or playing hard to get, he is simply not interested. Save yourself the heartbreak or your pity party and try somewhere else.

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